Asians and Allies Posts in DNA Magazine

Asians and Allies Posts in DNA Magazine

This month we had two very important content posts published in DNA as part of our partnership to empower cultural diversity by featuring more Asian faces in the public domain. This is our third post with DNA, you can click here for the first post last year which got us some attention because this has never been done in Australia before.

Usak wears Alexx Underwear Black Harness shot by BAM 


Gree wears Skull & Bones Just the Bone Sports Brief Midnight shot by Ed


We have been working hard on this feature since the start of the year. We communicated with BAM, our photographer in Tokyo capturing the beauty of Japanese men.   The outcome is phenomenal and DNA has done our messages justice, because we wanted every word printed.  Actually I wrote it in one sitting, often I write better after midnight.. Like now.  I also got to flex my camera muscles this time and shot a few local guys in Sydney.  We discussed ideas that would address the representation of Asian men in the community.   

Steven wears Skull & Bones Star Sequin Brief Gold shot by Ed

Shor wears Alexx Underwear Gareth Jockstrap shot by BAM

Being an ally comes in different forms, I shot Steven who is a great supporter for the Asian community through his circle of friends. He was also immersed in Korean culture through K Pop in particular, so I did a concept for him called ‘ K Pop Fan’.  He even showed me a lot of the merchandise in relation to K-pop culture.  That’s when I found out that my new discovery with BTS is actually very primitive……..another word for basic. 

Shor wears Lure Red Brief shot by BAM


Austin wears Marcuse Active Brief Charcoal shot by Ed


At Stanley Burton, we are proud to be the first LGBTQI underwear retailer in Australia to proactively, instinctively and organically include everyone into our conversations - bit by bit we hope other brands and retailers will follow.  It is not about who has the loudest voice, being authentic is key.  We are from the marginalised community, surrounded with like minds who also have diverse mindsets with intelligent conversations.

Burton doing makeup on Sam for the fem persona concept 


Sam wears Skull & Bones Paisley Burnout Red Brief shot by Ed


Photography by BAM shot in Tokyo. View the DNA original post part 1 here

Photography by Ed shot in Sydney. View the DNA original post part 2 here

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