Our First Ads at Sydney Star Observer

Our First Ads at Sydney Star Observer

Back in September 2021, just two months after we launched Stanley Burton, we decided it was time to put ourselves to the public.  After scouting around for the best publication to make our debut to reach the wider audience, we went with Sydney Star Observer - one of the longest running publications in Australia for the LGBTQI community.  After reading SSO for over 2 decades, it was great to have our own establishment on the website. We paid for 4 weeks of ads, so it was important for us to make a good first impression.


Sydney star observer ad for Stanley Burton featuring skull and bones - underwear every modern men need


The messaging is as important as the photo of the guys in underwear, we want to inform the community what Stanley Burton is about - more than just another underwear retailer and we have an agenda to make a difference.


stanley burton ad for sydney star observer



It was also the perfect time to make a statement with the pandemic, so we decided to use motivational quotes. Personally I am not a fan of motivational quotes on social media, a lot of people have wrongfully abused the use of quotes to make themselves sound better than they are in real life, even Deepak Chopra has a shit day every now and then.  So we went for something optimistic and hopeful but not egotistic.


Stanley Burton for Sydney Star Observer

The quote “Pro Choice” is very current, everyone is talking about making the right choice with Covid, to jab or not to jab, to mask or not to mask, to live or … Ok let’s not go there, but we understand that choices are only good if they have everyone considered.  You know what’s not good, it’s when you make a choice that would bring down the whole ship.

The slogan "Choose the Underwear that Supports You", in the greater scheme of things this is really about consumers should make better choices with who they shop with.  In the mainstream society, people make choices based on a brand or retailer’s ethics, however in the LGBTQI community, people make choices based on popularity.  Just because something is popular, it does not always mean they have the people’s best interest - Actually I know it all too well - I used to work in one.

This quote and slogan will be used on future ads.

Sydney star observer ad for Stanley Burton featuring Clayton Paterson wearing Lure, but also it is important for us to have age diversity in men's underwear

“Class Has Never Looked this Sexy” This ad is very important for us at Stanley Burton to deliver. Lure being our most classic brand, no funny business, non fashionable colours or prints so rest assured they will never go out of style just plain classic underwear with a dash of cool. 

Few weeks prior to this ad, I sent my friend Clayton Paterson (our brand champ) in America with a pair of Lure Navy Briefs to get photographed for our Father’s Day social.  There is no one better as the best candidate for sophistication, class and male beauty, I photographed Clayton in NYC 2019, that was the first time we met.  This ad was well placed with Clayton as a classy underwear along with the messaging.  This was the second best ad of 4 with great impressions.

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