Partnership with DNA Magazine: End of Year Sale

Partnership with DNA Magazine: End of Year Sale

Our first ‘End of Year Sale newsletter was sent out to all the DNA Magazine subscribers on Christmas Day as part of our partnership deal with the magazine, which commenced in September this year. 

If you have been following us since the start, we have already produced some work with DNA, for example the post for our first editorial shot in Tokyo two months ago, it has over 5k viewers.

(please click on image to visit DNA page for this campaign)


featuring Rui Jorge for one of Stanley Burton's commissioned shoot


The focus of this newsletter is based on the many reasons why underwear lovers should shop at Stanley Burton. We stock underwear that is ideal for every occasion - functional to everyday needs whether you are at work, play, sports and in between.  Also the main factor being comfortable and great quality, there is no use buying underwear with bad fabrics that can give you jock itch or chafing.  

Happy Shopping!!

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