December 2020

Founded Stanley Burton as an idea to fill the gap in the underwear market in response to the lack of cultural diversity, age inclusion and body positivity in the LGBTQI underwear marketplace in Australia

January to June 2021

Worked tirelessly to build the online store, sourcing brands and building content.  Click here to find out more about us to read how we maximise our resources and skills.  Owned by two Asians, we manage and maintain everything ourselves, tasks are divided by our strength in the business.

April 2021

Discussion with DNA Magazine for collaboration, also to discuss Stanley Burton's core values with diversity and inclusion on how to change the underwear marketplace in LGBTQI Australia with cultural diversity.

May 2021

Started the Stanley Burton Brand Champ program.  It’s the first of its kind, the collaboration process is unlike any other retailers’ influencer marketing. Our process is personable and direct.  We take the time out to get to know the real people in our community and let them tell their stories.

1st July 2021

Launched Stanleyburton.com  live!

August 2021

Commenced partnership with DNA Magazine to bring cultural diversity to the underwear marketplace in Australia and introduced Stanley Burton to the world.

September 2021

Our first ad in Star Observer.  We created 4 ads. one of the ads with Clayton wearing Lure,  for our Age Inclusion empowerment.

You can read more about our positive outcome here

October 2021

First few series of photo shoots in Tokyo shot by _BAM_guys commenced 

November 2021

  • Our first All Asian editorial was released in DNA, including a write up about Stanley Burton. It was also a great opportunity for us to announce to the LGBTQI community, we are here to put Asians in underwear on the map. Click here to read the campaign.
  • We reached out to Thorne Harbour Health to make a contribution towards the charity organisation for World Aids Day.
  • Donated 12 pairs of underwear at a value of $350 towards the silent auction for the annual fundraising event in December.

December 2021

  • We managed to purchase 6 calendar spots in DNA Magazine’s annual 14 months calendar, including photos from our brands and guys we produced.  Click here to read more about it.
  • Attended Thorne Harbour’s Annual Fundraising Event Rupaul Extravaganza, you can click here to experience the great evening for a great cause

January 2022

  • After discussing with several guys in Sydney for collaboration since July 2021, we shot our first series of guys in Sydney

March 2022

  • DNA Magazine released our 2 part Asians and Allies.  
    • Part 1 is shot by _BAM_guys in Tokyo.  
    • Part 2 shot by me. One of the shoots has makeup by Burton.  We also penned the associate article for the post.

You can check out a few shots that are not featured in the DNA post here

June 2022

  • Expanded our range of brands with newcomer SvenNordin Co., an underwear brand created by a Korean designer.  At Stanley Burton, we champion Asian creators by providing them platform for them to shine

Check out our column here as we interviewed the designer about his creative process and what it takes to be inclusive

July 2022

We reflect on small victories that we have accomplished.  We still have a lot in the works but it is always good to trace the steps.  You can read about our small victories here.

Watch this space, more inclusive projects in the works.


This page is constantly updated to reflect on our accomplishment, don't forget to check back every month to see our updates.

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