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A zebra is wild and determined, he is also overly self confident and has quite a distinctive animal instinct, you know what you want and know exactly how to get it.

Alexx Adore Zebra Jockstrap takes you to places like you’ve never been before. This design of this jockstrap would put a smile on your face, with the waistband connected to the side merging to the back giving your buttocks a well rounded support and boost. The contoured pouch with the mesmerising zebra print definitely established your identity as the man who knows exactly what you want. This jockstrap is ideal for guys who have a lot of self confidence, at Stanley Burton we salute you. Put this on, the rest is up to you.

  • High durability for stretch and strength
  • Alexx logo on front of waistband
  • Colour: Print White
  • Polyamide 68.90% Polyester 18.41% Spandex 12.69%
  • Made in Colombia

Please check size chart, Alexx Underwear sizing differs from other brands.