Underwear for Party Season

Underwear for Party Season

At Stanley Burton we stock a wide range of underwear that caters for all occasions, with the party season just around the corner, it is the best time to sort out your outfits and accessories.  Even if you are not the party type you should also think about the holiday and gifting seasons.  In this post I provide some styling tips, the rest is up to you, but hopefully I can open your mind a little.  Stanley Burton is the only LGBTQI underwear online store run by people who know fashion with an international flavour.

First impressions are always important, an underwear party is practically gay fashion show.  Use this opportunity to network (ahem.. I mean meet your next husband or new buddies, get checked out, shed a few kilos with your cardio.  There is no need to spend too much time in the gym to get into your favourite underwear, just be happy with yourself. This is your chance to go viral on social media (don’t forget the #hashtag - and if you are wearing any of our brands, don’t forget to tag and caption us #stanleyburtonaustralia or tag us at @stanleyburtonaustralia.


Skull & Bones Paisely Burnout Brief Red.  Unleash your fantasy in and out of the bedroom or on the dance floor this summer

This is also the chance to make your ex boyfriend a bit jealous because if his boyfriend is wearing some basic local brand that everyone else owns, you will need to show them up.  Meanwhile you can be wearing one of our international underwear brands that only a handful of guys in the community own, sometimes in life you just need to be a bit exclusive and unique.  

Read up on some of our pairing guidelines which allows you to think outside the box and look spectacular at the same time.


We decided to stock harness 6 months after we launched Stanley Burton, about the time when Alexx Underwear released a new range of their original Party Harness in black, red and black.  This style is new to the Australian market, even now after one year.  You won’t find these designs anywhere else at this price for under $40 and bonus these are designed and made in Colombia, in comparison to other similar harnesses that are made in China.



Party time with Alexx Underwear harness .. Shop Now


Earlier this year we also brought in two more new harnesses, Army Harness and Combat Harness from their 2022 Army Collection, these are significantly different from the latter.  The Army Harness straps across the front showcasing your pecs and the back is a criss cross design ideal for any chest size. The design and colours are sophisticated and sexy and won’t saturate your bank account. If you are going to wear this at a few selective parties throughout the year you can even dress yourself up using the harness as the centerpiece.  This comes in navy, army green and white, the rim for the harness can pair up any of the Alexx Underwear really well because of the thick design underwear waistband.

We recommend getting some accessories like leather or vinyl straps, chains and silvers to complete the look and maybe your friend can wear another colour harness from Alexx and he can be your master. You can also gather a few friends with different colours from each of the 4 range of Alexx Underwear Harness.


Alexx Underwear Harness White party

You can pair any of these harnesses with different underwear from Alexx Underwear or other brands in oureDoing so to avoid the full look using one brand like you just walked out of a Gucci factory outlet, then mix and match with different brands would be ideal.   Fortunately our harnesses all have bold colours that match with a range of other colours. Here are some pairing ideas

  • Alexx Underwear Army Harness Black pairs with Lure Brief Red or Lure Jockstrap Black or Marcuse Astra Brief Red if you wanted to go along with the heroic theme, because Astra has a subtle Greek Mythology reference

  • Alexx Underwear Combat Harness Green pairs with any of the black briefs at Stanleyburton.com because black works with anything especially with the combat green being an army green, it’s double down on the masculinity.  However if you want to pair this harness with another Alexx, then I highly recommend Battle Thong Green or Shoot Bikini Green or even Bomb Jockstrap Green, it all depends on how much you want to reveal at the party, but if you are the bold type, then jockstrap it is.

Here is what one of our customers have said about Alexx Underwear White Party Harness: 

 Alexx Underwear Harness White worn by Party Tom

“When I first saw the Alexx underwear party harness on the Stanley Burton website, I thought it looked interesting and different from the other harnesses I own, and I was excited to give it a try. When my order arrived after the quick delivery, I was a little apprehensive about the distinctive style, but looking at how other people responded at the club, I'm glad I took a chance.” 


There you have it, we have recommended a number of different pairings with our harness, let us know which combo looks great on you. We are interested in how you match your harnesses.

Added to this, you can also further style yourself with these products.  Please send us your photos and videos with these great products and we will share them on our social media too.


Steven G wears Skull & Bones Star Sequin Gold Brief


Halloween Party or some ‘Trick or Treating’

After two years of let down with the pandemic, the upcoming Halloween will be huge, use this chance to get it out of your system.  If you love the parties then go for it! If you just love cosplay dress up then this is the best time to go all out with your makeup and costumes!  Whether you are dressing up as a superhero, a bug or a hamburger,.. You know they all need to wear underwear! You wouldn’t want to be the next Lindsay Lohan coming out of the limo without underpants.



SKULL & BONES Love Bites Brief ideal for Halloween Day

You can’t go wrong with anything Red or Black and we have plenty of these two colours underwear but definitely our Alexx Underwear Harness from the recommendation above look great too.  I also highly recommend the Skull & Bones Love Bones and Love Bites collection, it’s kooky and on point.  Both of these designs come in Brief, Trunk and Jockstrap.  They are designed in NYC, so rest assured you will be the talk of the town - All eyes on you!  Meanwhile the prints in the underwear by the local underwear store and the generic brands are very tacky, have you seen them?? Eggplants, Emoji? Coconuts?  They are so cliche and childish. Guys! You need to grow up with some Skull & Bones.   

Also check out our big collection of red underwear at Stanley Burton website.  Red is one bold and strong colour that you can match with other colors, afterall we all have blood flowing through our veins so it doesn't matter if you are black or white [said by a wise man once upon a time.]

To be honest, any of our Skull & Bones underwear with prints are great for Halloween, their iconic logo with the skull kind of gives it away.. It’s American and classy, affordable luxury underwear that won’t break your bank!



Skull & Bones underwear are all great for Halloween Day!



Christmas Party

What can I say? 2022 is almost near the end.  I am sure you will hear the thump when the series of sale events go live. You start seeing lots of Santa hats and red blood emails.  Exciting time ahead but you should get a head start because planning is important so you have all your outfits already lined up in your wardrobe and have a backup just in case your friend is wearing the same colours.  Rest assured that we are the only store that sells international brands so it is highly unlikely you will find another guy in our underwear.  You will most likely find a local basic brand on every Tom, Dick and Harry.


Skull & Bones Locker Room Jock at Stanleyburton.com


Few colours that won’t go out of style are Red, White, Black and Green over Christmas, particularly if you are going to decorate yourself with some Christmas festive decorations like tinsels, fairy lights (operated by solar power of course)  

Pool Party

Don’t let La Nina ruin your summer but other than slip slop slap.  At Stanley Burton, we don’t sell swimwear but we have an ideal underwear that serves both purposes whether you are in and out of the pool.  We don’t claim to enhance your bulge, but let’s face it we believe in selling underwear for real people, if you have to fake it to make it then you are really lying to other people.  However SvenNordin promises you (and we have tested this too - watch the video I shot at my Melbourne home), SvenNordin Signature Brief : Adrenaline Rush is a hybrid underwear and it dries within 30 minutes (no joke).  It is ideal for taking a dip in the pool with your mates then get out to get another cocktail, then you bump into another bunch of friends meanwhile your underwear / swimwear is already dry.


SvenNordin Signature Brief Adrenaline Rush at Stanleyburton.com   great as underwear and swimwear, it dries after 30 min .


This is also ideal for guys who take a dip into the ocean right after work before going home.  All those energy you are saving by not putting this into the washing machine or dryer and it won’t ruin your underwear.  Smart!

Dress up and sexual fantasy theme party

It is perfectly fine to have sexual fantasies, Madonna famously did it, although she did the Sex Book as a cause to fight HIV / AIDS, but she has shown us that having sexual fantasies is very healthy.  While scrolling through the online catalogue for adult theme movies (yeh ok, gay porn), ideas seem to have expanded over the last decade from just bedroom play to boardroom, locker room to garage using grease as lubricant, wrestling with jelly, cops and robbers, tradies and footballers, doctors and nurse (well that has not change) but now it seems to have gone to the church, confession booth and even the altar.  You name it.  Whatever your hot fantasy, we have everything you wish for, at the end of the day it is how you expand your imagination and how well you accessorise.  Look no further than:

  • Skull & Bones Locker Room Jockstrap, we stock 8 colours to suit your mood, character and personality.  We also stock one with rainbow for Jock Pride Edition, style any of these locker room jockstrap with your favourite rugby or footy tramps.  Crop your tees and put a loose towel around your waist before revealing the jockstrap you have underneath.  While you’re there, don’t forget to take a few shameless locker room selfies and tag us @stanleyburtonaustralia  tag #stanleyburtonaustralia  we will feature it everywhere.  Oh, don’t forget to bring your ball, boots and bottles to complete the look.


Skull & Bones Locker Room Jocks at Stanleyburton.com  we have 9 colours for you to choose from


  • We stock a wide range of sheer underwear at Stanley BurtonWhether you like sheer on the front or the back and some might like mesh for being subtle. Guys love sheer underwear for various reasons, it shows that you are ready but the other guy still needs to do the work.  Even if you wear something else on top of your underwear, you never know what happens at the after party.   Grease or baby oil can be used on your cheeks, it's symbolic.. don't worry it works, remember I'm a fashion photographer it's just a matter how to groom yourself, the rest is just visual imagination.
  • We also recommend Alexx Underwear Justin boxers, they serve the purpose of keeping the mystery mysterious, it is great for that tradie fantasy, we all like to see him bend over to fix the sink.

World Pride Parties


Skull & Bones Pride for your World Pride Sydney 2023 . Only at StanleyBurton.com


It is never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the biggest party of the decade.  I am the master of plans, I have to attend my cousin’s wedding next March and I already have my outfit ready.  The thing is, I can switch and change if I need to but you always need to have a backup plan when it comes to clothes.  Anything can go wrong in life, for example your friend may decide to sport a certain brand and colour for the parties but since we are the only store in Australia to stock the brand so chances are many guys will do their outfit very last minute and run to the closest underwear store available for the cheapest rag that everyone else own.  Do us a favour.. Don’t wear a cheap rag from the local store and get it on with Skull & Bones Locker Room Jock Pride Edition.  Remember the whole world will be watching you, make this party one to remember.


Claim Your Space at Any Underwear Party


Stanleyburton.com is the first Asian Owned underwear retailer in Australia. Claim your space. We salut you!


 Click image to view photos from this series as featured in DNA Magazine


For the asian guys, you have come to the right place for authentic Asian Empowerment.  By now you know that Stanley Burton is proudly owned and operated by two Gay Asians, that means we are in the highest order to claim this space because you shouldn’t rely on other LGBTQI underwear brands or retailers for this narrative - we know about Asian culture and we know how Asians think.  

This year if you want to showcase your Asian-ness, here is a styling tip:

  • Marcuse Maximo range pays homage to the Japanese traditional underwear Fudoshi.  If you have not lived under the rock for the past decade you would have seen how the traditional Japanese men wear in festivals.. Just Google Fudoshi and you will know what I mean.  To style, just wear a headband, it does not need to be white, but actually you can get one that matches the colour of your Marcuse Maximo underwear.  For an overcoat, instead of wearing a boring jumper or jacket, you can get a Japanese robe called Yakata, but that may be too hard to find in Australia, you can just get a Chinese silk robe from Chinatown, just to avoid clashing colours but black always works perfectly with everything.  If you are Asian, no one is going to accuse you of being culturally inappropriate.  You have the space, claim it. Use it!


Daiki in Lure Boxer Navy, Claim your space as an Asian in the LGBTQI community. Wear it out! Proud!



Last but not least, check out our sale items, these are all last year’s collection but bear in mind that we are the only Australian store to stock these so this is still very exclusive to you.  Alexx Underwear is designed and made in Colombia and Stanley Burton Australia is the first underwear retailer in Australia to stock their wide range of unconventional, bold and daring combined with a lot of great prints which put all the local brands to shame.  We have all the wild prints with the likes of Leopard Prints, Zebra Prints from briefs, bikini thongs for prices up to 30% off.  


Time flies by this year, this is already September and we are about 100 days away from Christmas. Wow! Put these in your calendar and make a list of items, styles and your budget.  You should be getting ready for your next party and the parties after that. 

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