Stanley Burton is more than just another underwear online retailer in Australia. We are two guys who believe that there is a huge gap in the market which needs to be filled with the representation of men across a broad range of age groups, body sizes and racial backgrounds.  By embracing ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Self Confidence’ as our core values at Stanley Burton, we are using this platform to facilitate change in that department and aim to start a dialogue that transcends to the underwear market worldwide. 



Burton is an award winning makeup artist and beauty therapist who has been working in the fashion film and tv industry since 2004. Having lead teams backstage at fashion shows and behind the lens of cameras both still and motion, he has seen first hand people mindset when it comes to body image and the perception of beauty; proliferate in the LGBTQI+ community

Working with Ed on Stanley Burton is about shedding the stigma of beauty and encourage everybody to embrace their body while Burton embraces his own body image. His belief is that with the right pair of underwear, it can give you confidence and self esteem; feelings of stimulation, dominance and submissiveness; a cheeky surprise or secret only you know, all while going about your daily life.

Being part of the LGBTQI+ community and of Chinese heritage, it is important to empower diversity and inclusivity through body positivity, fighting ageism and embracing ethnicity. Steering away from mainstream image of the ‘underwear model’.


STANLEY [aka Ed Chiu]

British Hong Kong born, but raised in Melbourne from the age of 8, I took for granted a lot of things that I had the privilege to experience in the late 80s, Asians were extremely rare in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, other kids found me fascinating.  Most kids never travelled away from home, but I had the ultimate privileges to travel overseas since the age of 2.  It was only later in life that the society's disregard for inclusion became more prominent. 

I witnessed social intolerance and people being treated unfairly. Has the world gone backwards? Or are we just beginning to open our eyes and I am seeing the world clearly for the first time.   

Formerly the content creator for Dailyjocks in the midst of the pandemic, I walked in with 18 years of experience in Ecommerce at some of Australia's biggest online store - Peter's of Kensington, OO.com.au, Catch.com.au, GraysOnline, just to name a few.  I was able to shift the dynamic of social awareness with diversity and inclusion for a hot minute at DailyJocks.  During the 5 months stint, I reached out to a diverse group of influencers about the brand and for the first time my initiation opened more doors than ever before. I put marginalised groups into the picture: twinks, inter-racial couples, diverse racial groups and guys who don’t necessarily have 6 packs and also not just white muscle men.  Their social media platforms suddenly had more colours with more empowering conversations - for a hot minute.

Perhaps it is in my nature to rock the boat and shake the system but how can you change the world by being basic? I have set my eyes on making changes for the underwear industry, at least in Australia.

My mantra in life 'Never ask for permission when something should be classed as equal'. 

So we ask the question.. How can we do better? How can we be different than others?

You will hear a lot about my opinion in our columns and feel free to reach out to us at our Instagram.