SvenNordin Signature Jock Adrenaline Rush

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Introducing SVENNORDIN Signature Jock Adrenaline Rush, the latest premium jockstrap designed and Made in Korea. The strap has a good width so it does not cut into your skin.

This is a unique underwear with many amazing qualities. Made in Korea from pique fabric that can absorb and dry moisture under 30 minutes after washing without the need of a dryer that can ruin your underwear. It is also ideal for guys who work out in the gym, on the fields and even in the pool - double as swimwear (C’mon! Bring back the Ironman!).

  • Made in Korea
  • Quick dry after wash - 30 minutes!
  • Long lasting and breathable fabric ideal for many washings
  • 2 way stretch while holding your pouch in place
  • Can be used as swimwear
  • Sven Nordin logo on front design red tag
  • Fabric: Pique