Time to change your underwear

Time to change your underwear

Time to change your underwear

It’s time for some new men's underwear and I don’t mean just any old pair you used to buy.  Stanley Burton is bringing several new brands from overseas to Australia disrupting the buying behaviour because there has to be a better life than the usual suspects.   Remember those underwear parties and you were wearing the exact same brand and style that your ex boyfriend’s current boyfriend is wearing. Not cool, you can certainly do better than him.

The Stanley Burton Principle 

You must be thinking ‘Grief! not another men's underwear shop?!’  

There are plenty of men to go around for the number of underwear being sold in one country.  We only stock brands with focus on style, quality and comfort, on top of our guaranteed exceptional and personalised service to our customers.  With our focus on ‘diversity and inclusivity’ means that everyone deserves to be seen and heard.  We understand that it is a rare occurrence in the men’s underwear industry in Australia especially in the gay community with a lot of guys being body conscious while making the minorities being remain unseen or not represented in the media.  However I also think it is a social disease in the wider community, though it is slowly changing but it doesn’t seem to stick. 

We chose to concentrate on the Australian market and use this platform to change a few things, which will be revealed in the next coming months.  We are just two guys running the show so basically we know exactly how everything operates between the two of us.   You can read more about us here.


Men’s underwear brands

Marcuse is already a very popular brand among the guys in Australia and beyond.  It's also a brand that I have photographed many guys over the past decade so I know Marcuse well.   We currently stock the latest three ranges in underwear from Active, Brighten and Empire.


Skull & Bones, , created by two guys in New York. is already a favourite by a lot of guys in America. Meanwhile I am actually listening to a Spotify playlist titled ‘Manhattan to Brooklyn’ which brings back memories of the time I visited NYC for the first time in 2019, which like most of you out there who have visited this city would want to wear the icons below the belt.

Alexx Underwear, a brand made in Colombia, is our core fetish wear brand that we stock at Stanley Burton and rightfully so.. Have you seen the Sexy Jungle range?  Time to dust off that 2 Unlimited vinyl which has been hidden in the storage for so long then break into some tribal dance.  

Last but not least, we stock Lure Menswear from the UK, which is a first in Australia, the brand focuses their designs on classic cuts and block colours.  Lure in many ways embraces the same core value as Stanley Burton with diversity and inclusivity.  We are focusing on channelling the same idea to our customers by displaying diverse body types in the public domain.   

Watch this space!

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