Column — Inclusion

SvenNordin Underwear Co. is the Ideal Underwear for Now and Beyond

SvenNordin Co. is a new underwear brand created during the pandemic.  A lot of artists put in their best work when half the population spent their time bingeing on Netflix.  There you go, aesthetically pleasing, modern design, functional at best and amazing to wear.  Better yet it is Made in Korea.

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Can We Discuss the Lack of Diversity in the Australian LGBTQI Underwear Marketplace?

Being Socially Inclusive is what the Australian LGBTQI Underwear Marketplace Needs Right Now. Selling underwear is great, but we also do things with a purpose. Stanley Burton is the people's shop.

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UNDERWEAR FOR CHANGE: United Voice for the Underrepresented

At Stanley Burton, we have established “Underwear for Change”, an initiative to challenge the idea that the LGBTQI+ community perfection as being the white, blond, blue & toned.

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Bite of the Big Apple

Skull & Bones is a newcomer on the Australian underwear marketplace that needs your undivided attention and Stanley Burton is the first retailer to bring the brand with such an amazing palette of designs down under.

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