A Guide to Underwear for Sydney WorldPride

A Guide to Underwear for Sydney WorldPride

Just under a month, Australia’s gayest city will be transformed into Sydney Worldpride.  At Stanley Burton, we have tons of exciting new ideas at Stanley Burton, especially in the empowerment department.  There is no better time to have the world come together and we want to show everyone that even as a small business we can do it better, louder and more authentic than any of our competitors.   

Stay tuned to our Instagram at @stanleyburtonaustralia where you will get the instant news on new releases.  Stanley Burton is also the first all Asian owned and managed business, both guys have in-depth skills and experience with makeup artistry, content creation & strategy and photography.   Every decision we make at Stanley Burton, we have our customers and the community in mind, so it is not surprising that since we launched the store in July 2021, we have already collaborated with a number of guys from the marginalised community with the  and contributed to 

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We stock five exciting underwear brands, Marcuse an Australian underwear brand which everyone already got to know for the last decade. Skull & Bones designed in NYC, Lure Menswear based in the UK, Alexx Underwear designed and made in Colombia which is also our most popular brands because customers in Australia now have access to adventurous underwear without copycat designs like some local Aussie brands that you see in underwear stores.  Then our latest discovery is SvenNordin, which slided into our orbit one morning 


We have a run down on the type of underwear ideas and styling tips to give you a different look than every other local guys at least because there will be a lot of guys from overseas wearing out brands.   

What you should aim for this Sydney Mardi Gras / WorldPride is to look different, unique and fabulous!



If you’ve got it - Flaunt it!

Let’s start with royalty and do a bit of Madonna and Prince from the 80s or Kylie in the 90s. We have a diverse range of fine mesh underwear.  Whether you are part of a float or the cheering squad on the footpath, make yourself seen! What is the point of going to the parade if you are not just a little bit extra! 


  • Alexx Underwear Combat Harness in four colours: Green, Navy, Red and Black, in Sizes S/M/L/X.L .  The strap wraps around your cock so if you love the sensation as some of our customers have mentioned “I love it in dance parties, guy pull the straps, it makes me extra frisky” 


  • The above matches with Alexx Underwear Battle Thongs in Green, Navy and Black.  You can mix and match, be a bit daring, you don’t need to be matchy matchy.  Get your friends together and gang up as Combat army tribe



No worries If thong is not your thing, we offer other Green, Navy and Red underwear from Alexx Underwear that makes a perfect outfit with your harness.  You should not compromise comfort with styles.  If you are self conscious about wearing something that makes you uneasy and agitated, you should not wear it, we have other options: 


If you like something minimal for harness, we recommend Alexx Underwear Army Harness.  This is great for toned to muscle build, ideal if you do your upperdeck workout consistently, this harness really shows off your upper chest.


You can also pair the harnesses with other brands at Stanley Burton



A man with pecs and muscles with a rainbow jockstrap next to a closeup of a torso and groin with rainbow underwear.  Words that says Your Official Uniform for WorldPride


Make no mistake, you should get changed into Skull & Bones Pride Edition.  This is made for you!  What’s exciting is that this is not tacky like other local brands, it comes with Skull & Bones logo on the waistband and it does not tell people you are a slut (like some local brand with over the top sexual acronym)  You get the most respect when you have class with that arse.

If you feel like having a few friends going at once.. Then everyone in your gang should get the complete set, the following photo features 4 of the 7 colours we stock.


Four guys, one Asian man, one black and two caucausian guys wearing jockstraps in front of the locker. the colours in sequence from left to right. black, red, yellow and pink


Our latest Marcuse Superstar Jock and Brief takes you further, both available in White, Gold and Black


If you want glitter, we have something even shinier, just like Kylie Minogue’s hot pants from the “Spinning Around” music video. Don’t worry it will turn heads.



Remember when the sun is down, the lights and flash will reflect off your Sequins.  Also if you are going to the Live and Proud: Sydney WorldPride Opening Concert, presented by American Express, rest assured this is the best option at this price as you can get.

Style yourself with some iconic Kylie feathers and glitter on your torso.  When the camera captures you on a shutter drag. You will shine bright like a diamond - head to toe.

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