ACON HONOUR AWARDS .Over 250 nominations were received across 10 categories but only 4 finalists were selected for each category.  Stanley Burton was one of 4 finalists in the Business Award. Although we didn’t win, it was a very proud moment when our names were announced during the awards ceremony.  We were accompanied by several friends who were there to support us.
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This page highlights the significant moments and our accomplishment that make Stanley Burton the forward thinking and inclusive underwear online retailer in Australia. is constantly updated to reflect on our accomplishment, don't forget to check back every month to see our updates.

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Stanley Burton - Selected as 1 of 4 Finalists at HONOUR 2022

Delighted to see that we are selected as 1 in 4 finalists at HONOURS 2022, presented by ACON.  This is as much our accomplishment as everyone who has collaborated and contributed to Stanley Burton in the last 12 months.  We have been working closely with a couple of photographers, a tight pool of selective brand champs who understand the importance of representation and empowerment. 
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Asians and Allies Posts in DNA Magazine

Our latest work with DNA for our Asians and Allies post to raise awareness for the representation of having more Asians in underwear advertising.  This post we also touch on the subject of allies which is an integral part of diversity.   Our allies in the community immerse themselves into other cultures.
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Raise Your Standards on DNA Magazine

DNA offered its partners to advertise their underwear brands and retailers during the Christmas period,...
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Stanley Burton in DNA Annual Calendar 2022

Hey guys, look out for Stanley Burton in 6 of 14 months DNA Calendar 2022...
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