Our first post at DNA page to promote Diversity and Inclusion

Our first post at DNA page to promote Diversity and Inclusion

Back in April 2021, while we were still setting up Stanley Burton the business and online store, we also met up with DNA in Sydney to discuss collaboration and possible partnership. 

As a fashion photographer, I have been submitting men's photographs to DNA for 10 years, so the working relationship was already set in motion working in the background for a decade.  It definitely made things a bit easier, DNA gave us some privileges, but the rest is of course up to us.


stanley burton in DNA magazine post


We discussed Stanley Burton’s core values with diversity and inclusion empowerment. Being an Asian owned business means that we have the licence to tell these stories.  Cut long story short, we were able to sell the idea of Asian empowerment.  Stanley Burton can be the engine, DNA is the motor who can drive our intention far and wide. 


Click here to view our first post at DNA, it introduces Stanley Burton to the DNA readers. 


Stanley Burton Cultural Diversity post in DNA

We commissioned British photographer BAM in Tokyo to photograph a few concepts on Asian Culture with Japanese men in underwear.  We briefed BAM with a concept then allowed him to interpret it.  BAM has lived in Tokyo for a number of years so he has access to many hot Japanese models for photography.

The ideas of 'Asian men in underwear advertisement in Australia can be very uncomfortable (but powerful) to see, every magazine pages you turn to or every billboard and posters you see in public is yet another image of some white guy, blond with toned physique. 


At Stanley Burton, we aim to eliminate the idea of 'Privilege' in Underwear Advertising in LGBTQI+ community in Australia.  Our goal is to ‘Eliminate Privilege, Elevate Equality’

Stay tune for other work with DNA with the coming months.

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